Ready, Get Set, CLICK ;-)

June 6, 2010

It all started on a 15th of  May… Twenty of us gathered on a hot Saturday afternoon in Port Louis to follow our first of a series of four classes on Photography…

The objective: Understand our cameras and be able to snaps better photos.

The Common Link: A passion to click and keep souvenirs

The outcome: An overwhelming sense of satisfaction that we spent four Saturdays for a very worthy reason. We now know the logic behind aperture size, shutter speed, how to click flowers and birds, and how to obtain the fineness of each water drop dripping from a leaf after a downpour…

The basic Photography awareness sessions were conducted at JR School, which also provides advanced (and MQA approved) courses in Photography, for those willing to further their knowledge. And to maintain the JCI Curepipe reputation, the food on all four days was mouth-watering and finger-licking 🙂 We negotiated for light break but were treated to full lunch at a nominal price. A big thank you to the management of JR School for the hospitality and professionalism.

A by-product of the event: numerous outings where we went clicking and exploring the various aspects discussed in class. This was a most welcome activity which allowed members to create a stronger bond and a sense of camaraderie. It was also the occasion for the usual banter and laughter.

One of the memorable phrase of this event : “You should sell your car to buy me a professional camera” (from a wife to her hubby 😉  )

JCI Curepipe has been submerged with requests to follow this course from members and non-members and had to accomodate only the first 20 people. However, the overall idea behind this course is yet to come and in this context, we will be looking to have a second batch of the training. Keep watching this space 😉

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