The 2011 JCI Global Partnership Summit: Active Citizenship for A Better World

JCI 2010 global partnership summit artwork
May 1, 2011

JCI 2010 global partnership summit artwork

Active Citizenship for a Better World
June 20 to 23, New York City, United States

“Looking ahead to 2015 and beyond, there is no question that we can achieve the overarching goal: we can put an end to poverty … But it requires an unswerving, collective, long-term effort.”
-United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Why Global Partnership?

Imagine a better world. A world with no wars, no poverty, no sickness. Now, how are we going to get there?

No single entity can answer the world’s greatest challenges alone. The three sectors each have a unique and crucial role to play, and only through collaboration will we realize the better world we are working for.

At the 2010 JCI Global Partnership Summit, active citizens from around the world united with leaders of business, civil society and government to explore ways to work both individually and collectively to enhance grassroots efforts to advance the UN MDGs. In 2011, we’re taking action to apply these powerful ideas to our countries, our communities, our backyards.

Through interactive discussions, workshops and case studies, JCI members, partners and participants will engage these concepts viewed through the unique JCI perspective as the leading global network of young active citizens.

The Summit will focus on arming active citizens with the tools and information necessary to impact their communities through targeted action and strategic partnerships.

Expected Results
The Summit aims to accomplish the following

  1. Engage thought leaders from the three sectors to explore best practices in collaboration, leading the conversation with the unique JCI perspective
  2. Highlight strategic partnerships and how they can be implemented at the local level to build a better world and advance the UN MDGs
  3. Showcase stand-out projects from all three sectors to motivate and inspire active citizens to create positive change

Read a message of greetings from the 2011 JCI Global Partnership Summit Chairperson Toshinari Fujii.

Find out more about the summit on the dedicated website.