Message from JCI Mauritius National President 2010 – 1st Quarter

April 17, 2010

Dear [[JCI Mauritius Members]], [[Senators]] and [[Aspiring Members]],

Greetings from your [[National President]].

I hope that his message finds you in good health.

After the planning and preparatory period during the months of January and February, the month of March 2010 has been a productive one with the visit of a JCI Officer, the implementation of a [[NOM Project]] and the launching of a [[JCI Flagship Program]].

2010 [[JCI World President]] Visit 15th – 17th March 2010

[[JCI President]] [[Roland Kwemain]] visited Mauritius from the 15th-17th March 2010 to explain the Impact of One and encourage all [[JCI Mauritius]] members to take the challenge and respond to this call for action. During his stay he paid a courtesy visit to the Hon. Minister [[Sylvio Tang]], had lunch with 1994 World President [[Senator Arnaud Godere]] and other Senators, and participated in a Board Meeting with the [[NOM Officers]] and [[Chapter Presidents]]. President Kwemain then met the press prior to delivering his speech in front of some 30 [[JCI Mauritius Members]]. More information on the PDF document: Highlights of the Visit of 2010 JCI World President Roland Kwemain 15-17 March 2010.

Special thanks to all [[NOM]] and [[LOM]] [[Officers]], [[Senators]] and [[Members]] who were present at the activities organised during the [[World President]]’s visit and who contributed in one way or another to its success.

[[JCI Mauritius]] [[National Debate Competition]]

IMG_4016.JPGThe 2010 edition of the [[National Debate]] Competition was hosted by [[JCI Quatre-Bornes]] with [[Diane Bécherel]] as Project Director and was under the supervision of [[National Vice President]] [[Nadaraj Mathuvirin]]. The training on the debating skills was carried out by [[National Vice President]] Nadaraj on Saturday 20th March 2010 while the competition took place on Saturday 27th March 2010 at La Salle du Conseil of the Municipality of Port Louis.

Six teams – 1 from JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill, JCI City Plus, JCI Port Louis and JCI Quatre-Bornes respectively and 2 from JCI Curepipe – participated in the competition. The jury panel was made up of Senator A. Kaidoo (chairman), Mrs. D. Nundlall, Mr. B. Vyapooree and Senator A. Anodin. Congratulations to the winning team from JCI Curepipe consisting of Sabrina Hanoomanjee (Captain), Sandhya Gopaul, Kiran Bhujun and Arvind Neergheen.

Many thanks to [[Project Director]] [[Diane Bécherel]], [[LOM President]] [[Nirmala Rewa]] and [[National Vice President]] [[Nadaraj Mathuvirin]] for successfully completing this project.

Launching of [[The Outstanding Young Person]] of the [[Republic of Mauritius]] 2010

We ended the month of March with the launching of our flagship program [[TOYP 2010]] during a press conference on Wednesday 31st March 2010 at La Flore in the presence of the 2010 [[TOYP]] Sponsor Innodis Ltd. This year’s edition is under the responsibility of [[National Vice President]] [[Pravish Ramma]] with [[JCI Quatre-Bornes]] Member [[Ryad Subratty]]as [[Project Director]]. More details on this JCI Program are available on the [[JCI Mauritius]] Website . We would like to extend the invitation to potential Outstanding Young Persons from within [[JCI Mauritius]] [[Members]] to participate and encourage you to market this program amongst your contacts and networks.

Lastly, I would like to encourage all [[JCI Mauritius Members]] to be more Active Young Citizens by implementing relevant [[Community Development]] Projects in your immediate community.

Let’s all Work Together for a Brighter Future


[[Eric Martial]]
2010 [[National President]]

[[JCI Mauritius]] – [[Junior Chamber International Mauritius]]
[[Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs]]

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