JCI National Debate Competition 2010 Edition

JCI Curepipe Family at the Debate Competition 27th March 2010. Winners and Runner-Ups both from JCI Curepipe

The JCI National Debate Competition  was held yesterday at the Municipality of Port Louis. JCI Curepipe was represented by two teams.

Members of team 1 were :

Karan Malliaté (Captain)
Astha Soniah
Pricila Iranah
Deepika Ramkoosalsing

Members of team 2 were :

Sabrina Hanoomanjee (Captain)
Sandhya Gopaul
Kiran Bhujun
Arvind Neergheen

We were the only LOM who had sent two teams for the competition and both teams have reached the final.

The winner of the debate competition was Sabrina’s team and the runner up was the team of Karen.

I would like to congratulate them on their success.

Let us keep walking throughout the year with the same spirit.

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