JCI MAURITIUS TOYP 2010, The Outstanding Young Person of the Republic of Mauritius

April 17, 2010

The Outstanding Young Person Award 2010 Advert

[[Junior Chamber International Mauritius]] officially launched « [[The Outstanding Young Person]] » of the Republic of Mauritius programme during a press conference this Wednesday 31st March 2010 at La Flore in the presence of the 2010 [[TOYP]] [[Sponsor]] [[Innodis Ltd]].

[[Ryad Subratty]] the 2010 [[TOYP]] [[Project Director]] explained that “[[TOYP]], which was officially adopted by [[JCI]] in 1983, seeks to formally recognise young individuals aged between 18 and 40 years that excel in their chosen path in life”.

Eric Martial, the 2010 President of [[Junior Chamber International Mauritius]] thanked [[Innodis Ltd]] for its support to the 2010 [[TOYP]] programme. He added that by “recognising these young people, [[JCI]] encourages them and others to seek excellence and serve others. [[JCI Mauritius]] has some 200 members in 5 Chapters namely – [[JCI Port Louis]], [[JCI Curepipe]], [[JCI Quatre-Bornes]], [[ JCI Beau Bassin/Rose Hill]] and [[JCI City Plus]].”

[[Sonny Wong]], Senior Manager at [[Innodis Ltd]] stated that “his company was very happy and proud to sponsor this programme organised by [[JCI Mauritius]] which aims at recognising an outstanding young Mauritian”. He wished [[JCI Mauritius]] a lot of success in the implementation of the 2010 edition of [[The Outstanding Young Person Award]].

The nomination form and other documents for [[TOYP]] 2010 are available here-under. Completed forms should be sent by email on toyp2010@gmail.com at latest by the 23rd April 2010.

Legend for picture : from left to right : [[Sonny Wong]], Senior Manager at [[Innodis Ltd]], [[ Eric Martial]], 2010 President of JCI Maurice and [[Ryad Subratty]], 2010 [[TOYP]] [[Project Director]].

TOYP Documents Available for Download

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