Strategic Planning & Team Bonding

JCI Curepipe will be organising its Strategic Planning on the 28th and 29th of January 2012 at the Coronilla Beach Club in Baie du Tombeau.

The session will be animated by Senator Patrice Ferriere, and we have negociated a fantastic package price of Rs.1,500 for both days which will include accommodation, breakfast, 2 lunch, 4 tea breaks and 1 dinner!

We are very pleased to start the year with this project as, not only will planning our future allow us to succeed in the following years, but it is also a wonderful opportunity offered to us all (senators, past presidents, current board of directors, members and aspiring members) to meet, bond and get to know each other in one of the legendary JCI Curepipe residential events.

We are looking forward to see you all there for a successful week-end where we will be mixing fun and decision making for the future of our organisation!

To book please fill in the form below:

You can also contact Project Director Nazim Hansye on the 757 84 36 for any complimentary information or if you are unable to book online!

About Yudish Ramsaha

2009: Joined JCI Curepipe in November 2009 2010: Sworn in as JCI Curepipe Member in April 2010 2011: Elected as 2011 JCI Curepipe Local Vice President 2012: Elected as 2012 JCI Curepipe Local Secretary 2013: Elected as 2013 JCI Curepipe Local President