Recruitment: the plentiful – shortage dilemma

May 20, 2010

JCI Curepipe 2010 Local Board started its tenure with a shock. We had 34 active members, or following the minimum number of members imposed on [[Local Organisation]], the temptation was to say only 34 active members… and the minimum number required by end of year 2012 was 50 active members…

This started a debate among the Board members. What should we do? The automatic response was “Massive recruitment now!! Let’s open the flood gate and recruit everyone whom we can catch!!”. However, this was only the beginning of the debate. Another set of views was “Why do we need members?”, “What is the fundamental reason for our existence?”, “Do we need mass or do we need quality active members?”

The thinking process was on… and the visit of the [[JCI World President]] to Mauritius gave us a hint towards the right direction. We decided to go for quality members. Our beliefs and [[LOM]] principles were more important than having a mass of inactive members. JCI Curepipe decided to be active in 2010 and we wanted active members and active aspiring members.

It was hence decided that recruitment will be accordingly structured, detailed as follows:

  1. The [[Local Organisation]] will target primarily already working people;
  2. Preference would be given to aspiring members aged between 24 and 35;
  3. The vision, mission and objective of the [[Local Organisation]], as well as its past projects, will be presented to prospective aspiring members;
  4. The prospective [[aspiring members]] will be interviewed to assess their aptitudes and likings, so that they can be guided towards projects of interest to them;
  5. Aspiring members have to work on at least one JCI Curepipe project and obtain positive remarks from the [[Project Director]]; and
  6. Aspiring members have to follow the [[JCI Induction Course]], at one sitting, to be considered worth Swearing in as [[JCI Curepipe]] member.

The [[JCI Curepipe Board]] was aware that it had set itself a steep uphill struggle. However, the [[Local Organisation]] fundamentals prevailed. Recruitment is currently being carried out differently. [[JCI Curepipe]] membership is not available to just anyone… [[Aspiring members]] have to demonstrate that they are worth the Organisation and that they can bring something to JCI and to the community.

The task seemed impossible, but the results are currently very sweet and promising. Right now [[JCI Curepipe]] has some 15 active aspiring (and prospective) members and their enthusiasm is contagious… and by the way… if you are contacted by someone from [[JCI Curepipe]], with an invitation to join us, be assured that it’s because you are someone special…

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