Meet the 2012 JCI Curepipe Board of Directors

December 23, 2011

September saw them elected at the Annual General Assembly. December saw them swear in at the banquet held in honour of JCI Active Citizen Day. Meet now the 2012 JCI Curepipe Board of Directors who will serve our organization to create positive change:

  • President: [[Jacques David Commarmond]]
  • Secretary: [[Yudish Ramsaha]]
  • Treasurer: [[Hashama Cooloo]]
  • Vice-President Corporate Social Responsibility: [[Darshini Servansingh]]
  • Vice-President Community Development: [[Veenandi Luximon]]
  • Vice-President Individual Development: [[Lenita Sooknah]]
  • Vice-President Public Relations: [[Nirvana Sonatun]]

We are looking forward to working together in 2012 to make a difference in our society!