JCI Curepipe Welcomes 5 New JCI Trainers

December 13, 2011

JCI TRAINER took place at the Coronila Hotel in Trou Aux Biches on the 25th & 26th November 2012 and involved 20 participants, and two trainers – the Head Trainer from JCI Munich was Senator Irish Barnet, and assisting her was by our Mauritian 2008 National President Senator Thérèse Loo Chin Moy.

The “JCI Trainer”, organised by the JCI Mauritius National Training Institute, is a certified learning and performance workshop of the JCI University that adopts a three-pronged approach:

  • Developing leadership qualities and stimulating positive change;
  • Developing training skills for use in the chapter, community, and workplace;
  • Confidence boosting, to aid especially in presentations, in motivating others, and creating and sustaining an open and positive mind set by increasing communication and organization skills.

The training itself was very skilfully conducted, with just the right mix of theory and practice.
The highlight for me was the presentation demonstration by smaller groups. After spending a whole night preparing, we presented a “JCI Protocol” course. As well as learning the skills of how to design and present a course, I learnt so much about leadership, teamwork and communicating.  More traditional training was excellent in its own right. It is not an easy task to teach one to handle the unexpected. This was done with particular effectiveness.  What can be more memorable than an exercise like this?  Already, the training is making such a difference in my workplace philosophy. I am definitely more positive, better organised and more attentive to others.
When’s the next one? Count me in!

Nazim Hansye
JCI Curepipe Member