JCI Curepipe promotes the JCI Active Citizen Framework and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

April 10, 2012

In 2012, JCI Curepipe is actively implementing the JCI Active Citizen Framework and working towards the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. During it’s March Members Meeting, JCI Curepipe Members were presented with the framework and project directors are actively implementing the recommendations outlined in the “JCI Active Citizen Framework Information Sheet”.

Health and Wellness

Since 2010, JCI Curepipe launched a new flagship project called the “JCI Curepipe Health Campaign” which tends to address the “Health and Wellness” stage and achieve the 6th UN Millennium Development Goal which is “Comban HIV/Aids, malaria and other diseases”. Since its Launch 2 years ago, the project through it’s various actions, has:

  • Collected more than 100pints of blood with the partnership of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Mauritius and the Blood Bank
  • Provided awareness on Sexuality, HIV/Aids, Diabetes, Cancer and Nutrition to more than 50 inhabitants of the Region of Pailles with the help of Local NGOs and partners like Link to Life KISS, Mauritius diabetes association and PILS.
  • Provided free screening to more than 200 inhabitants of Pailles for Diabetes and and HIV with the help of Green CrossMauritius diabetes association and PILS.

In 2012, JCI Curepipe is looking at it’s historic partners and is also looking for new partners to implement more actions in our communities that will address more of the UN MDGs and create more measurable impact by using the JCI Active Citizen Framework.

Education and Economic Empowerment

In 2011, JCI Curepipe partnered with Women In Networking (WIN) for the Men Against Violence (MAV) Project. MAV is a WIN initiative that falls under UN Millennium Development Goal 3, to “Promote gender equality and empower women”. The project, which has the sponsorship of the Ministry of Gender Equality of the Republic of Mauritius and that of the British High Commission, started with the interview of more than 70 citizens willing to be volunteer facilitators and change makers in our communities. These facilitators, trained over 6 full days by a U.K specialist, Suzanne Williams, have as objectives to, over a period of 1 Year, do awareness sessions with groups of young boys and men aged 12-22 in various communities, sensitize them to the issue of violence against women, and make them in turn become change makers among their peers on this issue.

To date, more than 20 sessions have been carried out by the facilitators on the team in various communities around the island, changing the lives of these young boys and men and preparing for a better future.


Following it’s Strategic Plan, JCI Curepipe is also going for UN Millennium Development Goal 7, to “Ensure environmental sustainability”. We have already approached local partners and organizations to work with them, and a plan of action is being finalized as we speak for sustainable actions and partnerships for the next 2 years.

The JCI Active Citizen Framework

As JCI members, our Mission is to create positive change in the world. We believe that by taking responsibility for our communities, we can create solutions to the problems we see around us.

But just talking about positive change is not enough. To make an impact, we must walk the talk. With the JCI Active Citizen Framework, JCI introduces a concrete method for developing, executing and tracking our initiatives to ensure successful projects and sustainable solutions to problems in our world.

Formerly known as the JCI Better World Framework, the new JCI Active Citizen Framework, an outcome of 2010 JCI Global Partnership Summit Resolution, was adopted by the JCI General Assembly at the 2010 JCI World Congress. The Framework describes a better way to create positive change and measure our impact.

JCI carefully studied the elements of successful local and national projects over several years. This led to the development of a comprehensive system for carrying out projects, engaging partners and monitoring results to effectively address community issues. With the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a foundation, the JCI Active Citizen Framework provides a global platform for measurable, results-driven actionable steps that produce positive change.

Following the 2010 JCI Global Partnership Summit, JCI has committed to developing partnerships across the three sectors – business, government and civil society. The JCI Active Citizen Framework will also provide a context for building partnerships with entities mutually aligned with our goals. By assessing local needs, we can gain a reputation for relevance, and by measuring our results, we can clearly demonstrate our impact.

Working with us

If you are an organization or an individual who wants to partner with us to work towards the following objectives:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Education and Economic Empowerment
  • Sustainability

and help us achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, then get in contact with us and we can discuss how we can work together towards our common objectives