JCI Curepipe Health Campaign: Turning our Passion into Actions

October 3, 2012
Ms Veenandi Luximon 2012 JCI Curepipe Local Vice President

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a platform that encourages young active citizens to engage themselves in community development programmes that help make a difference in society. As JCI members, we believe that in order to create positive change we should improve ourselves and the world around us and this can only happen through concrete actions.  

Every single action counts and it is by turning our passion into actions that together with our community partners we will bring about positive change.  Our commitment and passion to act for the benefit of the community clearly epitomizes the ideals of the JCI Creed “That Service to humanity is the best work of life” and this aligns us with the 2012 JCI World President Bertolt Daems motto “Turning your passion into Action.”

In doing so, it is important to understand the needs of our communities and develop sustainable solutions to the problems we see around us.  As young active citizens we should raise beyond our comfort zone and go impact the world.

It should be the duty of every young active and responsible citizen to help develop a better society.  However, in order to build a successful society, it is fundamental to have a healthy population. Society has evolved in a very remarkable way and so has our lifestyle which has unequivocally impacted on our health. In today’s very fast moving and hectic life, the trend shows several diseases erupting at an alarming speed and various factors can be attributed to this such as poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise.  In Mauritius for instance, the number of diabetics continues to increase at an astounding rate and in fact we are listed among the highest countries in the world as far as the prevalence of diabetes is concerned.  Cancer continues to take an upward trend.  It is thus imperative that we adopt a healthier lifestyle to minimise the risk of contracting these diseases.  

Ongoing awareness programmes are being organised by the government and several NGO’s across the island to spread awareness on communicable and non-communicable diseases. Early detection and health screening are also being emphasised. All these activities are being carried out with the same common objective to promote the health status of our population.

To contribute towards a healthier society, JCI Curepipe places health and wellness at the core of its Community Development programme.  In this context JCI Curepipe launched the 3rd edition of its health campaign, this year themed as “Santé Plus, Prévention Avant Tout.”   This project aims to raise awareness on health, nutrition, increased physical activity and the diseases affecting largely the Mauritian population.  This will culminate over our annual health day “Take Care Lepep” which is scheduled in October 2012.

The main focus of the JCI Curepipe Health Campaign 2012 initiatives will be directed towards “ Ageing and Health” which is also in line with the topic of the World Health Day in 2012 – “ Good Health adds life to years.”  Ageing concerns every one of us, whether young or old, male or female, rich or poor – no matter where we live.

JCI Curepipe strongly believes in collective actions and through this health campaign programme seeks to bring together health partners, NGO’s, private sector, government, local community and other stakeholders to continue sensitising and empowering the community toward making informed health decisions in order to be able to live a full and productive life while promoting an age-friendly environment where people of all age groups are cared for, respected and valued.

To help us achieve this objective, the JCI Active Citizen Framework sets before us an innovative roadmap to address societal issues from grassroots levels.  JCI Curepipe endeavours to realign its initiatives with this structure;  to better identify the community’s needs, make greater assessments, engage interested partners and stakeholders and continue serve the community in true JCI Spirit while at the same time contributes towards the advancement of the UN MDG’s.

We hope that this initiative of the Young Active Citizens of JCI Curepipe will help in achieving the goals of healthy people and healthy community.

Stay tuned for more updates from our members on how JCI Curepipe impacts the community through our Health Campaign Programme.

Veenandi Luximon

2012 Local Vice President

JCI Curepipe