JCI Curepipe Donates a PC to Ste. Coeur de Marie Residential Home

April 26, 2012
2012 JCI Curepipe President Jacques David Commarmond setting up the donated PC

Last Saturday 21st of April 2012, Members of JCI Curepipe revisited the residents of the Sainte Coeur de Marie Residential Centre. You will remember we brought these elderly ladies out for Lunch at the beach of Flic en Flac back in February. This time, JCI Curepipe members went to their home in Curepipe to spend an afternoon with them. Several members donated in order to be able to purchase some food and beverages to give the women as tea break on that day. One member even cooked delicious cookies to share with the residents. They were still warm when she brought them.

During the lunch at flic en flac a couple of weeks ago, they asked JCI Curepipe whether we could get them a PC for the home. Which we did! We managed to get a PC donated by Mr Bilal Rahmaan and brought it on Saturday with us, to the joy  of the sisters working there.

David Commarmond donating a souvenir photo frame to the ste coeur de marie residential home

We also gave them a photo frame with a collage of the different photos taken in February during the lunch we did with them at flic-en-flac beach. All of them were still very fond of the souvenir of this day out. Some even mentioned to us that they had never gone to the beach of flic-en-flac, or that they haven’t been there for the past 40years. 

Members of our organization were very fond of this quality moment spent with these ladies and glad they could bring some light to their lives.

Photos of Saturday


More photos can be found online at: https://picasaweb.google.com/jcicurepipe/2012JCICurepipeVisitToSteCoeurDeMarieHomePCDonation20120421#