Interview with the President

August 17, 2010

JCI Curepipe has been working very hard this year to keep up with its 2010 motto: “Making the Difference”. After 7 months of holding the fort, let’s see what our 2010 JCI Curepipe President, Prashant Lallah has to tell us…

1. Prashant, tell us how the last 6 months has been for you as Local Chapter President of JCI Curepipe?

I must say pretty good. The year started with a lot of apprehension because the post of President comes with a lot of responsibilities and there were many challenges lying ahead. So far everything is going according to what was planned in the beginning of the year. It is mostly because I’m surrounded with a group of dedicated and motivated persons. I must seize this opportunity to thank all the board members, members and aspiring members for their wonderful contribution in making JCI Curepipe flag fly high in 2010

2. Tell us one JCI memory which has been the most memorable for you since January.
There have been many good memories but the one that stands out must be JCI Curepipe winning the national debate competition. We were the only Local Organization who had entered two teams in the competition and both teams had reached the finals. This was one proud moment for me as President of JCI Curepipe.

3. Work, JCI, family, friends….how do you manage to cope with all these at once?
It is not an easy task. The solution is to set your priorities right from the beginning and stick to them. Discipline and a good planning are very important.  I am fortunate that family and friends have been very supportive. Involving family, friends and even colleagues in JCI activities is also a way to cope with all these at once. When people come to know what I am doing, they understand more easily why I’m so taken up and not always available. I have taken a responsibility for a year and I will fulfill it till the end. JCI is definitely among one of my priorities this year.

4. Prashant, this year has been full of innovations for JCI Curepipe, in your opinion, what has been the best innovation?
Without any doubt it has to be the setting up of JCI Curepipe’s new website. The website has increased the visibility of JCI Curepipe and JCI. We get around 350 hits per month and a lot of people have learnt of JCI through the website. I would like to congratulate the team behind the administration of the website. They are doing a great job and the website is being regularly updated with all the latest news.

5. Our World President has been placing a lot of emphasis on the “Impact of one”. How is JCI Curepipe doing in this respect?
The objective of the ‘Impact of one’ is to recruit members.Thanks to the website, we have been receiving a lot of requests to join JCI Curepipe. We currently have around 20 aspiring members of which 4 have recently sworn in during the TOYP Ceremony. One month back, we even received a request from a lady in Nigeria to join JCI. This shows that JCI Curepipe is not recruiting for itself but also for other JCI national organizations. Credit goes to the proper administration of the website.

6. Tell us more on upcoming JCI Curepipe projects for the next months…
Our Handisport project which is an annual athletic event for the disabled will be held on 22nd of August. In November we are planning to do canyoneering. We are also helping Joie de vivre Universelle which is an organization which is being set up for the mentally disabled. We are trying to organize a fund raising for the association. Apart from these, we have also recently finished a health campaign project which was to help 2 associations in Mauritius namely the Haemophilia and Thalassaemia Associations.

7. What is the message you want to convey to JCI Curepipe members?
I am looking forward to serving you and working with you for the rest of the year. I count on your help and feedback. Just like our past JCI Curepipe leaders have done over the last 25 years, let us continue to work and serve our community with a spirit of brotherhood and unity. I will encourage JCI Curepipe members to be more proactive. Come up with new and innovative ideas to help the organization grow. Make the most of the experience that each one of you will receive in participating in JCI activities.