Handisport: the JCI Curepipe flagship Community Development Project

June 8, 2010

JCI Curepipe… May – June… any year… Members start getting figety, aspiring members start wondering what’s happening… What’s happening? Simply JCI Curepipe gearing itself to organise yet another edition of its now annual Community Development flagship project: Handisport.

Handisport is an annual celebration of JCI active citizenship. It is an event of national reach, in which JCI Curepipe invites handicapped children, aged between 8 to 18 to participate in a day of sports activities. During each the past events, JCI Curepipe hosted more that 75 participants, from all the four national federations of handicapped sports associations.

Handisport is also the occasion for JCI Curepipe members and aspiring members to come together and work on a project, spanned over 2-3 months, with an impressive budget and a variety of activities which have to be planned, prepared, checked and double-checked.

Additionally, it is an opportunity, among others, to:

  • learn how to interact with sponsors,
  • get acquainted with the JCI protocols,
  • learn how to tackle various issues, for example the co-ordination of transport facilities of participants to the stadium, the registration of participants or the supply and distribution of food to all participants,
  • handle high ranking officials (Ministers and CEO of private organisations) who are some of the VIP Guests of the day and
  • deal with participants who deserve special care.

This year, Handisports is scheduled for end August 2010, and JCI Curepipe is ready and relishing the opportunity to celebrate its members ingenuity and commitment once again…

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