2012 JCI Curepipe Raffle For A Cause

May 30, 2012

Stand a Chance of Winning a Bottle of Champagne and a Bottle of Whiskey, together worth at least Rs3,000, during our upcoming Catamaran Trip this 2nd of June 2012, and contribute to a good cause at the same time!

JCI Curepipe has launched 2 series of raffles tickets, a blue one at Rs50 each for a chance of winning a bottle of Red Label, and a white one at Rs100 each for a chance of winning a bottle of Taittinger Champagne Brut.


  • Nothing But Nets Campaign to eradicate malaria in Africa by sending bed nets treated with insecticide that will protect children from malaria infested Mosquitoes.
  • Vulnerable Children in a Curepipe Shelter.

These prizes have been donated by 2012 Local Vice President Darshini Servansingh (Champagne) and 2012 Local President Jacques David Commarmond (Whiskey. If we manage to sell at least 150 tickets by Friday the 1st of June, the Red Label will be replaced by something even better 🙂 )