4 topics of debate and JCI Curepipe smiles broadly

March 30, 2010

[[JCI Curepipe]] registered two teams for the 2010 [[JCI National Debate competition]]. The competition was held on Saturday 27 March 2010 as from 1300hrs at the Municipal Council of Port Louis, under the Chairmanship of [[National Vice-President]] [[Nadaraj Mathurivin]].

The [[JCI Curepipe]] teams were:

Team 1: [[Karen Maliate]] (Captain), [[Astha Sonia]], [[Pricila Iranah]] and [[Deepika Ramgoosalsingh]]


Team 2: [[Sabrina Hanoomanjee]] (Captain), [[Sandhya Gopaul]], [[Kiran Bhujun]] and [[Arvind Neergheen]].

Team 1 drew against [[JCI City Plus]] in the first round and the topic of debate was “Should the death penalty be re-established in Mauritius in 2010“. The team did exceedingly well and scored the highest marks in Round 1. Consequently, and in line with audience preference, Team 1 was promoted directly into the Final.

Team 2 drew against JCI Port Louis in Round 1 and the topic of the debate was “Shouldn’t the Best Loser System be abolished in the 2010 Republic of Mauritius“. Team 2 argued that the Best Loser System should in fact be maintained for representativity of all constituents of the population in the decision making process.

Team 2 won the first round and drew against [[JCI Quatre Bornes]] in the semi-finals. The topic of debate was “The Project “Maurice Ile Durable” will be a success” and the team supported the motion.  The debate was balanced and well argumented. Finally, Team 2 won by a margin of some 20 marks.

In the Final, both teams of [[JCI Curepipe]] met around the topic “Is the Mauritian society ready for its ageing population“. Team 2 was in favour of the motion whereas Team 1 opposed the motion and argued that the island was not at all ready for its ageing population. The Final kept everyone on their toes, with relevant arguments and couter-arguments.

However, like in all debate, one team had to win.. and the team with the most convincing arguments won. Team 2 won by a slight 10 marks margin, though both teams fully deserve the credit for the high level of the discussions.

The final results were:

Winner of the 2010 [[JCI National Debate Competition]]: [[JCI Curepipe]] Team 2 comprising [[Sabrina Hanoomanjee]], [[Sandhya Gopaul]], [[Kiran Bhujun]] and [[Arvind Neergheen]]

Best Captain: [[Karen Malliate]]

Best Speaker: [[Kiran Bhujun]]

Best Debater: [[Pricila Iranah]]

Congratulations to all [[JCI Curepipe]] and to the organising team.

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