4 topics of debate and JCI Curepipe smiles broadly

JCI Curepipe registered two teams for the 2010 JCI National Debate competition. The competition was held on Saturday 27 March 2010 as from 1300hrs at the Municipal Council of Port Louis, under the Chairmanship of National Vice-President Nadaraj Mathurivin.

The JCI Curepipe teams were:

Team 1: Karen Maliate (Captain), Astha Sonia, Pricila Iranah and Deepika Ramgoosalsingh


Team 2: Sabrina Hanoomanjee (Captain), Sandhya Gopaul, Kiran Bhujun and Arvind Neergheen.

Team 1 drew against JCI City Plus in the first round and the topic of debate was “Should the death penalty be re-established in Mauritius in 2010“. The team did exceedingly well and scored the highest marks in Round 1. Consequently, and in line with audience preference, Team 1 was promoted directly into the Final.

Team 2 drew against JCI Port Louis in Round 1 and the topic of the debate was “Shouldn’t the Best Loser System be abolished in the 2010 Republic of Mauritius“. Team 2 argued that the Best Loser System should in fact be maintained for representativity of all constituents of the population in the decision making process.

Team 2 won the first round and drew against JCI Quatre Bornes in the semi-finals. The topic of debate was “The Project “Maurice Ile Durable” will be a success” and the team supported the motion.  The debate was balanced and well argumented. Finally, Team 2 won by a margin of some 20 marks.

In the Final, both teams of JCI Curepipe met around the topic “Is the Mauritian society ready for its ageing population“. Team 2 was in favour of the motion whereas Team 1 opposed the motion and argued that the island was not at all ready for its ageing population. The Final kept everyone on their toes, with relevant arguments and couter-arguments.

However, like in all debate, one team had to win.. and the team with the most convincing arguments won. Team 2 won by a slight 10 marks margin, though both teams fully deserve the credit for the high level of the discussions.

The final results were:

Winner of the 2010 JCI National Debate Competition: JCI Curepipe Team 2 comprising Sabrina Hanoomanjee, Sandhya Gopaul, Kiran Bhujun and Arvind Neergheen

Best Captain: Karen Malliate

Best Speaker: Kiran Bhujun

Best Debater: Pricila Iranah

Congratulations to all JCI Curepipe and to the organising team.

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