2010 JCI Vice President Shingai Rukwata Ndoro Cocktail and Dinner

IMG_4335.JPG“I am not here to experience nice things or to make you laugh, I am here to challenge you by making you uncomfortable so that you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE by going out of your comfort zones”.

Along with the objective of recruiting new quality members to join the JCI Mauritius organization over the next few months, these were some of the main points of the speech pronounced by 2010 JCI Vice President Shingai Rukwata Ndoro.

The dinner, hosted by Karen Maliate and having for project director Pricila Iranah, both members of JCI Curepipe, was a great success. Hosted at Chutney Restaurant in Port-Louis, the dinner saw the esteemed presence of various JCI Mauritius Senators, the National President Mr Eric Martial, National Board members, LOM presidents, members, aspiring members and guests.

Photos of the event

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