2010 JCI Vice President Shingai Rukwata Ndoro Cocktail and Dinner

April 8, 2010

IMG_4335.JPG“I am not here to experience nice things or to make you laugh, I am here to challenge you by making you uncomfortable so that you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE by going out of your comfort zones”.

Along with the objective of recruiting new quality members to join the [[JCI Mauritius]] organization over the next few months, these were some of the main points of the speech pronounced by 2010 [[JCI Vice President]] [[Shingai Rukwata Ndoro]].

The dinner, hosted by [[Karen Maliate]] and having for [[project director]] [[Pricila Iranah]], both [[members]] of [[JCI Curepipe]], was a great success. Hosted at Chutney Restaurant in Port-Louis, the dinner saw the esteemed presence of various [[JCI Mauritius]] [[Senators]], the [[National President]] [[Mr Eric Martial]], [[National Board members]], [[LOM presidents]], [[members]], [[aspiring members]] and guests.

Photos of the event

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