Make it a Million

JCI Nothing But Nets, Send a net, Save a life
December 19, 2011

JCI Nothing But Nets, Send a net, Save a lifeWhat is the impact of 200,000 JCI members working to combat malaria around the world?

More than 97,000 mosquito nets have been purchased and distributed through the JCI Nothing But Nets campaign.

Since 2008, JCI members have been raising awareness and fundraising for nets. Now, the campaign has reached more than 90 countries around the world. Thanks to the hard work of JCI members, JCI is very close to the landmark goal of one million dollars for the sale and distribution of insecticide treated nets.

Planning for Impact in 2012

On December 2, Chris Helfrich, Director of the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, visited the JCI World Headquarters in St. Louis, USA to brainstorm for impact in 2012. The results are dynamic new initiatives to create excitement – and some friendly competition – and to reach new levels of awareness about the dangers of malaria.

“JCI is one of our most passionate and active partners,” Helfrich said during his meeting with JCI staff. JCI and the UN Foundation have been working together since 2008, and 2012 promises to surpass all previous years in terms of the impact we will create.

During the 2011 JCI World Congress, Andrea Gough, Manager of the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign announced a new competition for 2012. Since 2009, JCI National Organizations have competed in the Countdown to Congress Challenge.

In 2012, the competition will get fiercer, as National Organizations and individuals will compete for the honor to join an observation trip with the UN Foundation during a mosquito net distribution in Africa.

Details will be available soon, but it’s never too early to plan for impact through the JCI Nothing But Nets campaign.

Donate now to help JCI reach the one million dollar mark before the start of 2012.