JCI European Conference 2010

April 24, 2010

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Join JCI European Conference 2010 in Aarhus and Visit Danish Green from trainings to parties and everything in between The keynote speakers will share their dream Explore their ideas and join the team of Jaycees who come to Denmark, learning how we can be better and continue the yearning for a greener tomorrow!


The full program is ready and we can present more than 50 workshops, seminars, key note speakers and other exciting events where you can Explore, Learn and Share. Here are a few examples:

  • Free your time and enjoy your free time
  • Negotiation skills
  • Coach2Lead
  • PRINCE 2 – method for successful project management
  • Make it green, make it profitable

Furthermore it will be possible to attend the following official JCI training programmes prior to the opening af the Conference:

JCI Presenter

Dates: 2010/06/07 – 2010/06/07 9:00AM
Price: 50.00 US$
Registration: https://www.jci.cc/university/unv/mycourses.php?SelID=2794&Action=Register

JCI Trainer

Dates: 2010/06/08 – 2010/06/09 9:00AM
Price: 100.00 US$
Registration deadline: 2010/06/08
Registration: https://www.jci.cc/university/unv/mycourses.php?SelID=2795&Action=Register

You can register for the JCI Trainer course right after you graduate from JCI Presenter. We will keep the places for the ones who are attending JCI Presenter.

JCI Designer

Dates: 2010/06/07 – 2010/06/09 9:00AM
Price: 150.00 US$
Registration deadline: 2010/06/07
Registration: https://www.jci.cc/university/unv/mycourses.php?SelID=3020&Action=Register

JCI Achieve

Dates: 2010/06/10 – 2010/06/10 9:00AM
Price: Free
Registration: https://www.jci.cc/university/unv/mycourses.php?SelID=2971&Action=Register

Key note speakers

Key note speakers on a JCI European conference give input and inspiration to delegates creating a base for further exploration and discussion. Already we have agreements with a number of key players within the fields of innovation and environmental research.

IMD business school – George Kohlrieser

Friday 09:00-10:00

From the renowned IMD BUSINESS SCHOOL In LAUSANNE professor George Kohlrieser will give a speech on the latest development withing management theories and strategies. IMD was established in January 1990, as the successor of two previously independent business schools: IMI, founded in Geneva by Alcan in 1946, and IMEDE, founded in Lausanne in 1957 by Nestlé. IMD’s 60 Faculty members, comprising 19 nationalities, are recognized authorities in their fields. IMD is an independent not-for-profit foundation with no financial support from government. The school serves the international corporate community, helping develop and retain the best qualified management talent for global leadership. IMD, the most international of all executive education institutions worldwide, is dedicated to being the “global meeting place.” It is one of the world’s leading graduate business schools, bringing cutting-edge, practical focus on dilemmas and pertinent research into the classroom in the shortest possible time – to support what IMD calls “Real World. Real Learning.

Samsoe – 100% Sustainable energy island development – from vision to reality

Friday 10:15-11:15

International media from all over the World wants to know about Samsoe and the little Danish islands way to act the climate way.

Soeren Hermansen, director of the Samsoe Energy Academy will tell us how public participation and ownership will influence on local job, economy and resources.

Soeren Hermansen is well aware of all the attention and pleased to see that journalists not only tell the Samsoe story of how a political environmental plan was possible in reality, but also in the articles and television spots, relate the story to their own countries environmental policies.

As part of the former Danish politician Svend Auken’s Political Environment Plan of 1996, the Samsoe Energy Academy and its director Soeren Hermansen has made Samsoe into a 120 percent self-sufficient in energy commune.

Soeren Hermansen in 2009 got – as the first Dane ever – the environmental Nobel Göteborg award. In 2008 Al Gore got it.

VKR Holding: Active Houses (Houses which have a positive net production of energy)

Friday 11:30-12:30

Leif Jensen is the CEO of the international company VKR Holding, and has had a long political career before he took on the position. In 1981-1986 he worked for the finance ministry and later on took on the position as chief secretary for economic and political relations within the prime minister office from 1990-1996. He has been a personal advisor for several prime ministers in Denmark.

The purpose of the VKR Group is to establish a number of model companies, which cooperate in an exemplary manner. A model company works with products useful to society and treats its customers, suppliers, employees of all categories and shareholders better than most other companies.

In 2008 VKR Holding started the building of 8 demo houses based on the active house principle in a number of European countries. The houses themselves has a positive net production of energy and are build as examples of intelligent buildings with low energy usage, good indoor environment and state of the art architecture.

After the seminar it will be possible to see the Active Houses in a guided tour.

Lars Kolind: Sustainability as a Business Strategy

Saturday 10:00-11:15

The times are over when the sole purpose of business was to make money. Profit is a means, not an end. The real purpose of business is to contribute to a better world, to make a difference in people’s lives. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility is not a nice-to-have add-on to business; it is the essense of business.

Lars Kolind is Chairman of the Grundfos Foundation, Unimerco Group and others, Professor, Author and, Entrepreneur. Lars Kolind was CEO of Oticon and the driving force behind the innovation and knowledge-based turnaround that led to Oticon’s leadership in the world market for hearing aids. He lives at Løndal manor (www.loendal.dk) in the western part of Denmark and he has extensive management experience from most parts of the world.

He is the inventor of the organizational term “spaghetti organization” which is now part of numerous university literature and study subjects around the World.

In 2006 he published a book “The second Cycle – winning the War on Bureaucracy” where he puts the spotlight on significant social innovations and questioning our uniform focus on technical innovation.
Most renowned is probably his book “The knowledge society” which has become a mandatory part of IT and organizational studies.

Innovationlab – Preben Mejer: What are the technological answers to the climate changes we face ?

Saturday 11:30-12:15

Preben Mejer was born in 1952, and actually wanted to study psychology, but instead he used his native psychological insight of humans and their behavior to predict the rise of the personal computer. He started one of the first computer distributors in Denmark, and has since won numerous awards within the IT-innovation area, amongst these the “Most innovative IT-personality of the year 2001”

Today Preben Mejer is the managing director of Innovationlab (Innovationlab.dk), an international knowledge center, situated in Århus.  Via a vast network of innovative personalities Innovationlab has the ability to predict what will happen in the area of “new” technology within the next 3-5 years.

Grundfos: Corporate responsibility for the global climate

Saturday 13:00-14:15

Be – Think – Innovate, are the mantras of the Danish company Grundfos (app 17.000 employees) – renowned worldwide for its innovative solutions within the water pump and water supply area. Providing the people of the world with water is what Grundfos pumps are made for – day in and day out, and in an efficient and reliable way. And for any purpose, whether the water is used to satisfy thirst, irrigate fields, water animals, speed industrial processes, heat or cool buildings, or handle waste-water. Grundfos constantly sets new standards for innovative approaches of achieving these goals. Both within the technological as well as the organizational and social area, Grundfos is a front runner making the company a very popular working place.

Kim Klastrup, Senior VP, Corporate Brand Development, will tell why sustainability and innovation is focal points for the company and by giving the employees the best possible working conditions Grundfos has established an environment of innovation and creative thinking.

Children Program

Children are most welcome to the JCI European conference in Århus. Children under 12 participate in the conference free of charge but if they wish to join seminars or workshops a small fee must be paid.

We offer child care during the gala between 18-24 for 45 Euro per child. This must be booked in advance.

We do not have a complete children program but we offer some exciting tours that your children are sure to love! Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult if they wish to take part in any of the tours.

The following tours will be available:

  • Legoland
  • Tivoli Friheden
  • Playland
  • Family quiz – The Old Town

Prices and more information can be found in the conference brochure.

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