Go for the Goal: Take Action to Advance the UN MDGs

October 2, 2011

How has your JCI National Organization committed to specific action advancing the UN Millennium Development Goals (UN MDGs) in your community?

At the 2011 JCI Global Partnership Summit, JCI members gathered with leaders from business, government and civil society to discuss solutions to the critical challenges of our time. Focusing on addressing and advancing the UN MDGs in their communities around the world, the dynamic conference sparked a new call to action.

Committing to Action
JCI members concluded the 2011 Summit by issuing a resolution urging each JCI National Organization to Go for the Goal and plan a project to advance the UN MDGs by the 2011 JCI World Congress. Each National Organization will be asked to report their progress on these projects during the General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium.

To uphold the 2011 JCI Global Partnership Summit Resolution, each JCI National Organization has the responsibility to:

  1. Use the JCI Active Citizen Framework to identify a need in your country within the framework of the UN MDGs.
  2. Each JCI National Organization must commit to one project by the 2011 JCI World Congress in Brussels, Belgium.
  3. Each JCI National President will present their specific project during the JCI General Assembly at World Congress.
  4. Each unique project will launch in every JCI country simultaneously throughout the world on JCI Active Citizen Day, December 11, 2011.

Creating Solutions in Your Community
Achieving the UN MDGs is the key to lasting positive change. JCI members have the unique opportunity to help reach these goals by starting the progress in your own community. Start by analyzing the needs of your community through the framework of these goals. Once your Local and National Organization decide which goals to tackle, you can create the solutions that lead to a sustainable impact.

The time is now to begin analysis and find a pressing need in your country in preparation for project execution on JCI Active Citizen Day. Support your National President as they illustrate your nations’ commitment to the Summit Resolution and to action on the UN MDGs at Congress. Start mobilizing your Local Organization now to prepare for the launch of your national project on JCI Active Citizen Day.

Read the 2011 JCI Global Partnership Summit Resolution to see JCI members’ commitment to action.

Register today for JCI World Congress to support and promote your National Organization’s UN MDG project.

Refresh your knowledge of the UN MDGs.


Source: https://www.jci.cc/media/en/18488/Go-for-the-Goal:-Take-Action-to-Advance-the-UN-MDGs