Changing the World, One Action at a Time

February 16, 2012

JCI members are problem solvers, resolving issues by engaging their communities, finding a problem’s root cause, taking solid action and measuring the results.

As a member seeking to create change in 2012 and beyond, put yourself in this scenario: On your way to your first JCI Local Organization meeting this year, you pass by a homeless man asking you for a few coins. You generously lend him what you can and think, “I can do more,” and resolve to end poverty in your community.

Analyzing the Need

You and your JCI Local Organization members start your needs analysis by talking to a homeless shelter administrator, who explains that most visitors are poor because they can’t find jobs. So you talk to area employment agencies and discover that companies will not hire the impoverished people because they are uneducated.

You then speak to vocational trainers who tell you the impoverished individuals never finished primary school because they lacked a positive influence to motivate them. Finally, you have come to the root of poverty in your community. It is now time to get to work developing a creative solution to provide inspiration to school children to break the cycle of poverty. The key is engaging as many parties in your community as possible.

Taking Action

Starting with the individuals you spoke with, you establish measurable key goals for your project. By working with stakeholders to develop a creative solution, you hope to empower individuals to work and spend the money they earn, bolstering the local economy and improving the community as a whole.

Keeping the key goals from all stakeholders in mind, you and your fellow JCI members will fulfill your commitment to positive change. Whether through an after school tutoring program, mentoring arrangement or other ongoing support, you and your collaborators create a project that is powerful and lasting in its impact.

Evaluating Your Results

Both during and after the completion of your project, you meet with project stakeholders, talk about your efforts and the next steps you must take. Whether it’s continuing the efforts you’ve been making or adapting your strategy to changing needs, you will only create lasting change by ensuring your projects are relevant and effective through ongoing evaluation.

Through the JCI Active Citizen Framework, once you analyze community needs, take action and evaluate your results, your community will start to change for the better. Use these steps to organize your ideas and create lasting, meaningful change for your fellow citizens. Although every community is unique and each has its own issues, your project may be relevant to many other JCI members looking to make a similar change in their hometowns. You not only help change your community, but also help those seeking to change theirs throughout the world.

View the JCI Active Citizen Framework video!