2011 JCI Board of Directors Plan to Lead One Global Team

January 25, 2011

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2011 JCI Board of DirectorsAt the 2011 JCI January Board of Directors Meeting, JCI’s new leadership focused on Active Citizenship and creating global impact in 2011. From January 9 to 14, JCI World Headquarters in St. Louis, USA hosted the 2011 January Board Meeting. Every year, the members of the JCI Board of Directors meet in January to establish strategies and plans to meet the organization’s goals for the upcoming year.

In his opening remarks, 2011 JCI President Kentaro Harada welcomed the JCI Board and praised their attendance as a commitment to creating a strong global team. He also thanked 2011 JCI Immediate Past President Roland Kwemain for his dedication and inspiration during 2010.

“The grand walk that our predecessors have made allows us to bring this organization to the next stage in society,” President Harada said. “We have a responsibility for the future of JCI and all of our members.”

Members of the 2011 JCI Board of Directors were honored to receive training during the meeting from two of JCI’s long-time friends. UN Global Compact Spokesperson Matthias Stausberg spoke on aligning businesses with the ten principles of the Global Compact to prepare the JCI Board members to promote the 2011 goal of signing up small and medium size businesses with the UN Global Compact. The education continued with Julie Proctor from Dale Carnegie Training, who helped the JCI Board members enhance their leadership and motivational skills.

Mark Your Calendar
After a brief report regarding the 2010 JCI World Congress in Osaka, Japan, the JCI Board received an overview of the 2011 events including all four JCI Area Conferences and the 2011 JCI World Congress in Brussels, Belgium. The 2011 JCI Leadership Academies were also discussed and there was much excitement after the presentation of the 2011 Global Partnership Summit in New York. President Kentaro Harada and the JCI Board decided to extend the Summit by one day to allow JCI members and partners to spend more time laying the groundwork for future collaboration. The Summit will now take place from June 27 to 30 at the New York Helmsley Hotel. JCI Syria, JCI Hong Kong, JCI Brazil and JCI Germany received approval to host the 2012 JCI Area Conferences and Brazil also provided a presentation for their bid to host the 2013 JCI World Congress.

Enhance Your JCI Projects and Partnerships
The JCI Board viewed a presentation on the status of existing relationships with international partners such as the United Nations and its agencies, the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC), AIESEC and the UN Global Compact. Donation totals from 2010 highlighted the success of the JCI Nothing But Nets campaign and encouraged the JCI Board to continue the momentum toward ending malaria deaths.

An enthusiastic group of JCI Japan members gave a presentation about the spirit of OMOIYARI, which President Harada encourages all JCI members to incorporate into their 2011 projects.

“I believe in the goodwill and consciousness of human beings,“ he said. “I truly believe that OMOIYARI can be the ray of hope to help this world.”

To stay consistent with existing JCI activities and messaging, the JCI Board voted to rename the JCI Better World Framework the JCI Active Citizen Framework. The concept of the framework, however, remains unchanged and the JCI Board looks forward to the impact and results this methodology will bring.

Creating One Global Team
The attendees of the January Board Meeting showed an eager and positive outlook toward 2011, with a renewed focus on global impact. President Harada also emphasized the importance of punctuality, which establishes trust between JCI members and existing or potential partners. President Harada concluded with a sincere thanks to the JCI Board for their dedication to JCI’s past, present and future.

“I believe we are on the right track to achieve our goals,“ said President Harada. “I ask for your support for me, JCI and the world. Remember, you are not alone as we are moving as one global team.”

President Harada will now start his travels to JCI National and Local Organizations all around the world. To follow his travels and see if he will be visiting your country soon, view the JCI Presidents Corner.

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