2017 JCI Curepipe Board of Directors

January 6, 2017

Veerendra Kooshna, 2017 Local President


Veerendra holds a BSc (Hons) Business Economics and Investment Analysis from the University of Mauritius. He is also an ACCA Affiliate with nearly three years of experience and is working as an Audit Assistant at BDO Mauritius. Member since 6 September 2014, the highlights of Veerendra’s JCI Career are Local Treasurer and TOYP Co-Project Director in 2015 and Local Secretary in 2016. Passionate and dedicated, Veerendra has been unanimously elected as 2017 Local President. His goals for 2017 are to continue on the awesome work of his predecessors, maintain the JCI Curepipe way of creating positive impact in our local communities and increase the visibility of JCI Curepipe. The 2017 Presidential motto is “Together We Can”.

Narotum Dass Rohee (Yudhish), 2017 Local Vice-President

yudish_pictureYudhish holds a Masters in Sustainability from the University of Technology and a BSc (Hons) Agriscience and Technology from the University of Mauritius. He swore-in as a member during the 2016 JCI AMESA Summit Gala Dinner which was held on 10th September 2016 at La Pirogue Hotel, Flic-en-Flac and which also marked the visit of the JCI President, Senator Paschal Dike. Yudhish is also very active in various socio-cultural groups as well as other NGOs. He is serving as the Co-Project Director for the ACF project and is omnipresent in other projects carried out by JCI Curepipe such as Peace is Possible. He has taken the challenge to serve as 2017 JCI Curepipe Local Vice-President to be able to make a better and greater impact and bring positive change in the community.

Lokhesh Ujhoodha, 2017 Local Vice-President


I am a big data scientist at Mauritius Telecom. My hobbies include gaming and trail running. I have joined JCI as an aspiring member in March 2015 and I am extremely happy to have been elected the Vice-President of JCI Curepipe for 2017.

My main JCI Career highlights are the #PeaceIsPossible Global Tracker and Raise Hope Today. I have to thank the Local President Viloshna Sonoo for believing in my ideas and supporting them from conception to realisation.

My goal for next year is to reinforce the relationships that JCI Curepipe has established with its partners and also to grow this circle of collaborators further, both nationally and internationally.

Satiam Gokool, 2017 Local Treasurer

Satiam swore-in as a JCI Curepipe member on 19th April 2015. He holds a Bsc (Hons) Business Economics and Investment Analysis from the University of Mauritius and is currently studying ACCA. Satiam is very hardworking and dedicated. He is an asset to JCI Curepipe and has contributed a lot in the advancement of the Local Organisation. Satiam has also been omnipresent on various National Projects and is currently serving as the Local Vice-President. Satiam was also recognized as most participative member of JCI Curepipe in 2015.

Krish-Nee Poorun, 2017 Local Secretary


I was recognized as Most Participative Aspiring member in third quarter 2016 and recently I got the opportunity to climb up among 2017 Local Board members. For me it shall be a great honour and pleasure serving the members as Local Secretary next year. I will seize this chance and do my best for the organization. My first project was Peace is Possible campaign and now am Project Director of Active Citizenship Framework project.

I believe the best way to invest in yourself and your future is to get involved and contribute as best you can and JCI is an opening to further yourself while making a real difference. For me if someone wants to prove her/his best I would recommend the person to join JCI since it is the right platform to achieve something.