2012, a year of dedicated active citizenship


Dear Members, Senators and Aspiring Members,

As we end a very active and positive year, I would like my last message as Local President to be a big thank you! Thank you for all your support throughout the year, that you for having been part of all the achievements that have made what 2012 has been for JCI Curepipe, thank you for the inspiration and for having made a difference through our projects in the communities in which we were present.
2012 has been a very rich and busy year, and without the support and dedication of each and every one of your, we would never have been able to achieve what we achieved this year, What I would like to see next year and the coming years, is to see members grow and benefit from all the opportunities offered within our organization. JCI offers many opportunities. What you need to do is grab them as they come to you and make the most out of them, while using them to make an impact in the communities in which you are present and grow from that as a global active citizen of this world.
JCI needs you as much as the world and our communities do, so please continue the good work, continue the positive change you bring through your projects, continue to bring more dedicated and dependable active citizens to the organization, and continue to make this world a brighter place, one candle at a time.
I wish you all the best for 2013, within and outside of JCI, as an individual, as part of your local communities, and as a global active citizen bringing positive change to our world. Looking forward to working with you again in a couple of days!
Kind Regards,
Jacques David Commarmond
2012 Local President
JCI Trainer
JCI Curepipe (Mauritius)
Mobile: +230-797-3301; Skype: davcom974
Meeting Request: https://doodle.com/davidcommarmond
www.jcicurepipe.org – www.jci.cc/local/mauritius

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