JCI Mauritius Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2015 Winner : Ashley Boodhoo

January 26, 2016

Ashley Boodhoo-Winner CYEA Award


Ashley Boodhoo is the owner and director of Enerxis Solutions Ltd. A holder of a masters degree in Energy, Water and Waste Management from the “Institut Supérieur des Etudes en Alternance de Management” (ISEAM) Paris, he stayed in France for around 12 years and set foot back in Mauritius in 2010. A couple of years later, in 2012, he launched Enerxis Solutions Ltd.

Winning the CYEA Award was a pure coincidence for him and a matter of luck, he claims. “My web designer came to know of the competition and encouraged me to participate. He and his brother believed in my chance more then me actually and I do not know how to thank them for that! This award is a boost. The last three years were very hard and this award gave me back my initial motivation and passion,” he shares proudly.

Why Enerxis Solutions Ltd?

Enerxis Solutions Ltd came into existence after real hard work. “I was working as an IT consultant in Paris and somewhere, I did not want to continue ascribing to the common norms. The desire to work in the sustainability field started from there, as I realised how our ways of life have important environmental and social impact. Hence I quit my job and began a master degree in Energy, Water and Waste Management with the idea of coming back to my country. I finally came back to Mauritius in 2010 and started working for a solar PV company,” he reveals.

The young and dynamic man wanted to do something really different. “Since I was an employee and did not feature in the decision making panel, I did not get the opportunity to put forward my vision. Therefore, I started realising the potential of doing business using a different approach and this encouraged me to launch my own company,” he adds.

Challenges all the way

Ashely had to overcome various obstacles but nothing prevented the businessman from persevering and surmount the difficulties that lied on his path. “We had to manage various internal and external obstacles during the first years of operation. Like all start-up, financial issues are a major concern. We could not afford employing resources or having an aggressive marketing strategy. I knew where I wanted to go but I had to be careful on the strategy to achieve my goals,” he highlights.

The other important challenge was to convince customers about the sustainability field and the products/services provided by Enerxis were ‘new’ and ‘innovative’. “When we launched the company, the market was not as mature as it is today. One of the difficulties we came across at that time was to explain the concept to customers and how they would benefit from those services/products. Today, our challenge is to manage different projects at the same time with limited resources,” he adds.

Major projects involved

The company has been involved in the installation of solar powered street lighting and independent solar system throughout the island for public and private sector. “We have done electrical design and light management for domestic clients and have provided consultancy services to both the private and public sector (implementation of sustainability concepts for a holding, energy auditing, certification of a green building, implementation of an Energy Audit Management Scheme),” he lists.

Solar_StreetThe Energy sector in Mauritius

As highlighted by Ashley, the energy issue must become the centre of debates in Mauritius. “As long as these issues remain on an economic dimension and no more on social and security dimensions, it will be marginalised. It is time to seize opportunities and react rapidly,” he says.

For the time being, Ashley is focusing on the local market. However, he is at the same time in contact with external parties for some projects in the region but his main objective is to be well established in Mauritius first.

Enerxis Solutions

Enerxis Solutions Ltd is a local engineering company offering different types of services and products in energy management and sustainability field. This goes from design, installation and maintenance of solar PV systems to consultancy services for certification of green building. Enerxis Solutions has a holistic approach to the energy and sustainability concept. Not only does he company sell solar PV system and LED lighting, but it also designs and proposes tailor-made solutions to each client’s need. This concept of one-stop-shop in energy/sustainability field is new.

Source : https://defimedia.info/ashley-boodhoo-winner-of-the-creative-young-entrepreneur-award-2015-11971/