JCI Curepipe 2014 President’s Message


Dear Members, Senators and Aspiring Members,


 Let me start by offering my warmest thoughts and wishes to you and your family for a great year 2014.

 I also seize this opportunity to thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility and privilege to serve the organisation as the 2014 JCI Curepipe President.  I assure you of my sincere efforts to work to the best of my ability to live up to the expectations that come with this honour and keep the JCI Curepipe flag flying high.

 2014 marks an important year in the history of JCI Curepipe as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our Chapter.  Our predecessors have laid down a solid foundation for us.  They have left behind a legacy and today we are still yielding the benefits of this laudable achievement.  Now it is our turn to act and leave our marks for the next generation of members to be proud of.  Let’s dream together of this elite organisation of young active citizens who have dared to act and be a leading example to other youngsters.

Dear members, our organisation is still as relevant as it was in the 20th century when one man had a dream, a dream which became a voice “to make a citizen a better citizen.”  The voice mobilised others to act. Today this has not changed but we are only presented with new challenges. The question now is “Are we doing enough to address these challenges.”

 This year like previous ones will undoubtedly bring challenges and opportunities.  But I remain positive and rely on each member’s support to remain together as one team during challenging times and reinforce our strength through accomplishments. Nothing happens without the commitment and passion of each and every one to serve the organisation.  There is no magic formula.  The depth of talents of each member across the organisation makes us even stronger and with the right attitude we shall definitely reach the right altitude.

 Membership, training, internationalism, proper administration, rebuilding the capacity of the chapter and the implementation of sustainable projects so as to better our immediate communities will be our core focus.  In the realisation of these objectives, we shall focus our time and energy on the five key strategies as outlined by the JCI SPC recommendations to impact, motivate, invest, collaborate and connect in order to unite all sectors of the society and create lasting and positive change. 

 During my tenure I shall focus in restoring the strong bond of friendship and brotherhood in JCI Curepipe, with JCI Mauritius and other local chapters to ensure that all members are inspired to take responsibility for not only their own path but for the organisation as a whole.  I shall ensure that the Chapter continues to promote matters of change openly, objectively and reasonably while nurturing a spirit of fairness.  

 On a final note, I would urge all members to take time to reflect on how fortunate we are to be part of this fantastic organisation which provides us with numerous opportunities to learn, grow, and become more. Members should grab these chances.  It is only through actions that you will be inspired, empowered and encouraged to take on more responsibilities.  If by the end of 2014 I see an organisation where all members of JCI Curepipe are actively participating in local and international events and exhibiting true spirit of service, if I have been able to instill such kind of sense of belonging to members of the organisation, I will consider my mission achieved as 2014 JCI Curepipe President.  It may look over optimistic yet I believe it is not impossible.  It all begins with us. It is our willingness to change while preserving the values of the past, our little act of courage and willpower to step outside our comfort zones to act and our enthusiasm to move ahead with an open mind that will determine the future of our organisation.  We can and shall play our part for a better JCI Curepipe, a better JCI Mauritius, a better JCI and a better world to live in.

 I do recognise that the journey we have embarked on is not easy and changes we made in the past or which we shall make in the future might necessitate some tough decisions.  But together as one team, we shall learn more, act more, become more and make excellent headway.

 My sincere thanks and best wishes to you all.  I look forward to seeing you very soon refreshed and energised for an exciting year ahead. Together as one team, the sky is the limit.

Best Regards,

Veenandi Luximon
2014 Local President –“Learn More, Act More, Become More”
JCI Curepipe (Mauritius)
Mobile: +230-5947-3066
www.jcicurepipe.org – www.jci.cc/local/mauritius

JCI – Junior Chamber International
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 If your action inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.John Quincy Adams’

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