JCI Curepipe 2013 President’s Message

2013 JCI Curepipe Chapter President

Dear Members, Senators and Aspiring Members,
It is with an immense pleasure that I address my first message to you as your 2013 Local President.
I thank you all for your wonderful support and the trust you have bestowed in me and in my team for 2013.
When I was first introduced to JCI Curepipe in 2009, the most striking characteristic of this organisation was the unique bonding, the friendship, the brotherhood that I observed. You will often notice that I use the phrase, The JCI Curepipe Family; I do so because I truly believe that we are more than just acquaintances and that we share a special bond which makes up the essence and core value of JCI Curepipe.
In 2013, my team and I will develop and strengthen closer relationships among our members, JCI Friends, JCI Curepipe Partners and with other Local Chapters of JCI Mauritius. You will also notice more joint projects and collaboration between the Local Chapters and for the first time, the 5 Local Chapters will work on a common project in relation to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal No. 7. We will also focus on the public image of JCI Curepipe and work towards making JCI Curepipe a better known and recognised organisation in households.
Another key aim for 2013 will be to further empower our members with the tools needed to properly direct and execute projects with professionalism and this will be achieved through specifically designed workshops/training.
We will be facing many challenges during the year but I am sure that with your support, we will overcome all obstacles and move forward as One Team, as One Family. During this year, we will also implement the Strategic Planning Committee Report and there will be changes to the way we have been operating up till date but I rely on your usual cooperation and support to ensure that all changes are taken positively and that you understand that these are only being done for the betterment and future of our organisation.
As previously said by my predecessors, someone can be the Local President of JCI Curepipe today, but at the base, we all are JCI Curepipe members. I rely on your esteemed support to create more positive changes in Mauritius and I will to the best of my abilities be close to you all, as a friend, as a brother and will act as a guide for those who require my help and support.
Last but not least, I would like to add that the JCI Pin is not a mere piece of metal but is an object with deep meanings and should be worn with pride. You should be proud to be a member of this wonderful organisation which has a history spanning decades, with world renowned members. This is why I am humbly requesting each and every one of you to proudly wear your JCI Pin not only in JCI events but also in any event you are attending.
Yours in JCI Spirit,


Kind Regards,

Yudish Ramsaha
2013 Local President

JCI Curepipe (Mauritius)
Mobile: +230-782-6835

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