JCI Curepipe 2012 President’s Message

2012 JCI Curepipe President

Dear Members, Senators and Aspiring Members, – –
It is with great pleasure and pride that I address to you these few words to kick start the year with great motivation!

First of all, let me wish you all, your families and friends a very happy new year and all the best for 2012!

I had been thinking for quite some time about my first official address as Local President and the appropriateness and inspiration of the same. And then National Vice President Prashant shared a link on facebook from forbes about how volunteering was a great way to learn real executive leadership:

Many have said it before, but I believe it should be said again, JCI is a wonderful school of life! I have learned a lot about leadership and man management during my time as JCI member which I have been able to apply to my professional life.

But JCI also provides to all of you a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact and bring positive change to our community. 2011 JCI President said: “As we transition to a new year and to new leadership, I encourage all JCI members to reflect on the accomplishments we have made in 2011 and think on how we can enhance these projects and build on the successes to make 2012 even better.”

I think if we look back at 2011 and 2010, the year I swore in, all the projects, all the achievements, all the awards we got, and all the positive change we have brought to our country, we can be really proud of ourselves. And I believe we should maintain this continuity, not only in the vision of past leadership, but also in the impact and quality of our projects and the positive change they bring to Mauritius.

As I mentioned in my caucus, I want 2012 to be about the empowerment of our members so that they can be motivated empowered and competent young active citizens bringing positive change to our community. As mentioned during the brainstorming session, we don’t work to gain awards, but I believe Training Director Gunther Meyer has made a pretty good job at drafting the attached JCI Awards Manual which can be found onhttps://www.jci.cc/eawards/home.php in such a way as it provides a good idea of how to be a good JCI member, how to conduct a great UN Millenium Development Goal Project that impacts our society, the aspects to consider when doing a recruitment program, among many other facets of our lives as JCI members.
I think if we all take a look at this document and question all the aspects outlined with respect to us being members, to the way we plan, design and execute our projects, we can make an even greater impact on our society through the increased quality of our projects this year and in the coming years as well!

in 2012, with our new JCI Trainers, I would like to see a lot of trainings for the benefit of our members, but which will also allow you to conduct more efficiently impactful projects. Local Vice-Presient Lenita Sooknah, one of our new JCI Trainers, is taking up the challenge this year at providing great individual development opportunities to our members

I hold very dear to my heart projects that address the UN MDGs and the UN Global Compact principles. These projects tend more and more to tap into CSR funds, which has motivated the creation of a new Vice President post to tackle these new challenges. This responsibility has gracefully been accepted by Local Vice-President Darshini Servansingh.

Complementary to Darshini, Local Vice-President Veenandi Luximon will make sure that all our community development projects have a great impact on the communities to which we wish to bring positive change to, and I am really looking forward to seeing more quality projects like we’ve seen in the past years coming from you all!

Recruitment is one of the great challenges our local organization is going to face in the coming years, and one of the challenges Local Vice-President Nirvana Sonatun, along with Recruitment Director Kiran Bhujun, will be taking up during this coming year. We will be constituting a reruitment team soon, and I would really like the input of experienced members, but also that of our newest members as well, as we can only evolve with new and innovative ideas towards a brighter future! And as JCI member, I also count on each and every one of you to maintain high the name and image of our organization.

Finance, another important aspect of our organization, will be driven by Local Treasurer Hashama Cooloo. Although each of your individual motivated contribution to our projects is essential, money is also an essential part of the good conduction of projects, and I count on all of your participation to our fund raising which many of you mentioned during the brainstorming as it will help finance the many projects we will have during the year.

And the key to everything will be kept by our Local Secretary Yudish Ramsaha. Being secretary of an organization is one of the key roles of it’s well functioning as he keeps all the keys, all the records, keeps track of everything that’s happening, and is knowledgeable of all the aspects of the organization’s life. A key role which you should all look forward to practice as project members since one day you may have to hold this key role at Local, National, International or even corporate level, and it’s a role essential to the good functioning of any organization.

As 2011 JCI President mentioned in his final address which I highly recommend all of you to read onhttps://www.jci.cc/media/en/18579/Moving-Forward-as-One-Global-Team“All JCI members strive to change the world”. And I believe we should be planning in the long term on the change we want to bring. Project Director Nazim Hansye, with the collaboration of Senator Patrice Ferriere, will be organizing our strategic planning session on the 28th and 29th of January. I really believe we should ALL participate in planning the future of our orginalization, together, as one big family. And I am sure 2011 Local President Arvind Neergheen will be of good counsel for this, and I hope a lot of past presidents, our senators, you the current members of JCI, and the aspiring members who will be on the board in 2013 and 2014 will all have your input in planning the future YOU WANT for our Local Organization.

I look forward to seeing all of you strive to bring that positive change we all believe in!

Kind Regards,
Jacques David Commarmond
2012 Local President
JCI Trainer
JCI Curepipe (Mauritius)
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