JCI Curepipe 2011 President's Message

Dear [[JCI Curepipe]] [[Members]], [[Senators]] and [[Aspiring Members]],

It is with great pleasure that I address you my first message as 2011 [[JCI Curepipe]] President. I thank you for your confidence in electing me as President for the year 2011.

My focus for the year 2011 will be aimed at membership growth and quality projects. This year and the successive year will be daring and challenging ones for [[JCI Curepipe]] as we have to reach a minimum of 50 members to operate as a local organization. This will be a daunting task and will require the consolidation of the existing recruitment program.

In December 2010, a brainstorming session was organized, where all members were invited to share their views and opinions about the tentative [[JCI Curepipe]] projects for 2011. Several interesting ideas cropped up during the brainstorming session, and thus the 2011 Board Members have already started to work on our action plan for this year.  This will be presented to you in our first members’ meeting which will be held by the end of January.

Success in our endeavours will require commitment and dedication, not only from board members but also from each and every member of this organization.  Consequently, I look forward to your continued support and encouragement for all [[LOM]] activities, active participation in [[LOM]] and [[NOM]] projects, and suggestions for the betterment of [[JCI Curepipe]].

On this note, I seize the opportunity to wish you and your dear ones a very prosperous and successful year 2011.

[[Arvind Neergheen]]

2011 [[JCI Curepipe]] [[Local President]]