2010 JCI Global Partnership Summit

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Partnership for a Better World
At the 2010 [[JCI Global Partnership Summit]], the young active citizens of [[JCI]] will unite with leaders of business, government and civil society to address the critical challenges of our times and how the coordinated efforts of these three sectors can lead the way to sustainable global change through the framework of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. 2010 is a milestone year as the UN MDGs accelerate toward their 2015 deadline, and coordinated action among the key segments of society has never been more crucial.

[[JCI]] will lead the initiative by bringing together its key partners – the United Nations, UN Global Compact, UN Foundation and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – to drive the conversation and redefine, enhance and promote collaboration among these important global players. The hands of government are often tied when faced with global challenges. Corporations, likewise, cannot take the lead to find solutions for fear of appearing self-serving in pursuit of profit.

JCI believes that by working with leaders in civil society, the three sectors have the potential to overcome their own constraints while leveraging their strengths to create wider positive change in addition to financial success. At the intersection of business, government and civil society exists a great catalyst for global impact and the JCI Global Leadership Summit will examine ways to maximize this impact to provide sustainable solutions to existing world problems and issues.


Through the framework of the UN MDGs, the Global Partnership Summit will explore ways that active citizens from all sectors of society – government, business, civil and the United Nations and its agencies – can work both individually and collectively to enhance grassroots efforts to realize the objectives of the UN MDGs.

Expected Results

  • Increase awareness of the need for improved partnership among government, civil society and corporations to address issues of local and global concern and provide an environment to foster the growth of these partnerships.
  • Strengthen partnerships among [[JCI]] Local and [[National Organizations]] and local businesses, governments and international organizations to run projects to advance the UN MDGs.
  • Increase awareness of malaria as a global issue and secure commitments that will lead to the distribution of more than one million insecticide-treated bed nets by 2015.


Find out more by visiting the official 2010 JCI Global Partnership Summit website.